Today our course went to Plumpton races, a horse racing venue. It was a wet and misty day, but the races still went ahead. If I’m getting technical, the course at Plumpton is a National Hut racecourse, which means that the horses are required to jump over water and ditches.

Anyway, our coach was boiling so it was a bit of shock to everyone’s system when we got off it into the arctic weather. For some reason, there was a random rugby pitch inside the track, *insert joke about horses playing rugby here”. After the briefing, we had to cross the track to get to the stands. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, the briefing ended about five minutes before the race, so we were stranded on the other side of the track for the first race. Nevertheless, I got a good photo. Every cloud.


By that time people were getting hungry. I went for the standard chips at the burger stand, then smothered them in sauce. My mate got absolutely ripped off, paying £1 extra for a couple of bits of Sainsbury’s basics cheese on his chips, when the cheese, “Wasn’t even that nice”.

For the fourth race, I decided to put a £2 bet on “Gonalova”. Obviously, I got ID’d, and the guy at the stall was a good five minutes trying to work out what age I would be if I was born in 1998. My mate also put a bet on because one of the horses’ trainers’ second name was like his. I didn’t mind a bit of competition. Though the competition between our horses out on the track lasted little over a minute. His came first, and mine dead last. At that point I knew my betting career was over.


Looking at all the TV equipment trucks was interesting. I didn’t realise how many camera angles were needed. Apparently, the footage goes to a TV tower in Papa New Guinea and is then shown all over the world. Cool.

The sixth race was a biggie. One mate bet £5.00 on “Spartilla” to win at 11/1, potentially a nice profit, while Cheesy Chips bet all of £2.00, his laundry money on “Tikkapick”. By the second lap it was obvious “Spartilla” wasn’t going to win, but “Tikkapick” led until the penultimate fence where he/she did a Gerrard and slipped.

Anyway, at least the day ended well for one person on my course, who made a handsome profit of thirty plus quid. A positive note to end on. Overall it was a decent day out bar the coldness. Missed a fire alarm drill at my halls too. Result!