Position: 12th Time: 20:33

When I started writing this blog, parkrun was one of the many things I wanted to write something about, or running in general for that matter.

Some people like to eat before running, while others feel it makes them really bloated. I’m one of the former, if I don’t eat anything I can never manage to summon any energy. Soon after I woke up I eat a piece of seeded bread and a couple of “Belvita Breakfast Biscuits”.

I had a light jog down to the start line, which usually takes around 15 minutes, before starting my warm up. Upon arriving, it seemed a lot of people had already started going into hiding for the Christmas break, turns out there were only 97 people running today, compared to 114 the week before.

Anyway, everyone sprinted off at the start as usual. I thought I started off quite reserved until I realised the 20-minute pacer was about 50 metres behind me. As the race takes place along the promenade, usually the wind takes its toll on you but luckily for me, in my running top and shorts, it wasn’t too bad.

The route normally takes you through the underpass, but as it’s now slipper down than a Mario Kart track with a load of banana peels, we go over it instead, making the course seem shorter. At this point I was running shoulder to shoulder with the 20-minute pacer and getting into a nice rhythm.

For once I nailed the halfway turn. A couple of weeks ago, I over-ran it, which led to about three people over-taking me on the inside. You live and learn. The way back, (the hard part), the pacer started to get away. I started to run with this guy who looked slightly younger than me, (meaning he hasn’t been burdened with a night out on Thursday), and things got slightly easier.

By the last quarter, my legs were aching a bit, remembering that hill session I did on Thursday evening. I did slow down a bit but not too much for my liking, and crossing the line, even though I felt my effort level maybe wasn’t what it could be, the run seemed easier compared to previous weeks.

Overall, my time was satisfactory, still I want to be finishing closer to that 20-minute mark. Looking at the results, a lot of people racing today were club runners, which makes me feel slightly better.

Nevertheless, it’s back to Wales tomorrow. It’ll be a Cardiff parkrun for the first time since September next Saturday. Bring it on!