Position: 61st  Time: 20:21

And I’m back in my home country! It’s been strange being back in Cardiff, but its just nice not to have to cook for myself.

Anyway, this week I did a 5K on Monday, then some speedwork and a tempo on Wednesday. Thats two days less that I normally train, but then again I did do about 15K on the Wednesday.

Sometimes I wake up on Parkrun day and i’m really pumped for it, then others I just want to be in bed for an extra hour. Today was neither, I was in autopilot. For food I just had a plain wrap. Probably should have warmed it up, but it didnt play on my stomach too much.

It was really busy today. Probably the fact that everyone wants to get that last bit of fitness in before piling on the food on Christmas.

For once I didn’t start like a madman. The first kilometre was a bit of a shock to the system, but once I got into a rythm it was fine. The course is so much more scenic than in Hastings and more varied too. You’ve got the forest, then the university pitches and at halfway it’s around the cafe then back. Not to mention your running beside the Blackweir for most of the way.

The strange thing was today that I was overtaken by quite a lot of people just before the halfway point. Im not sure if it was a tactical thing but it was certainly the most mid-race bursts ive ever seen at a Parkrun.

From 3K to 4K was the hardest bit. For every other part of the race I was running four minutes per kilometre, but at this part it slowed to four mintues 15. At no point did I feel like I was pushing myself too much, so I probably should’ve motivated myself a bit better at this point.

For the last kilometre I picked it back up again, even adding in a little sprint at the end. Overall its nice to get my Cardiff Parkrun PB, but im still slightly annoyed I didnt push it on toward the 4K mark. Regardless, I always like to end on a positive note, so here’s one. It’s Christmas tomorrow!