Position: 58th Time: 38:35

You know when football fans sing, “we’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen”. That race was by far the hardest one I’ve ever done. 

I ate a bit more in the morning than a standard parkrun, a bit of pasta, two pieces of toast and a honey sandwich. 

Getting to the race was a bit of a nightmare. I couldn’t get a lift with anyone in my running group so I had to get a train to Stonegate, which doesn’t even have it’s own Wikipedia page! Then I had to get a taxi to Heathfield Park, which is also out in the sticks. The taxi itself was £30, lets just brush over that quickly.

Heathfield Park is a pretty interesting place, there’s a huge mansion on one side of it and a tower called the “Gibralter Tower” which commemorates Lord Heathfield’s defence of Gibraltar. Thank you Wiki for that one.

Anyway, this was a an 8K race. The first 2 kilometres were flat and then downhill on a path, so that part wasn’t too bad. But after 2K. Wow. It was muddy to the point where it didn’t seem there was a surface to run on. It was hard enough trying to stay on your feet let alone run.

There were streams to jump over, hills to climb and it made me appreciate how much easier running on the road is. Admittedly I had to stop briefly a couple of times because it was that hard. 

I managed to create a gap between the people in front and behind me. In a way it was pretty nice although the runners behind me managed to close in slightly at the end. 

Anyway, the whole thing was really enjoyable and it’s something I would recommend to anyone. It’s the type of thing I’d imagine the army would do to train.

Position wise, I did a lot better than my other race this season, Warren Hill. My time was a good four minutes off the Warren Hill time, but you’ve got to take into account the course and how tough it was.