Position: 12th Time: 21:12

Who knew running in the wind could be so tough! This wasn’t any wind though, it was storm Doris. It wasn’t only my time which suffered, this week there were only 23 PB’s, compared to 31 the previous week.

Pre-race snack was a peanut butter roll. Getting out of bed today was quite tough, nevertheless the cold sea air almost immediately woke me up.

I left a bit later than usual, but it still felt like forever in the time between finishing my warm up and the race starting. Unfortunately, there were no 20 minute pacers. In hindsight, if I had run with one of these pacers my time would’ve been even slower. I wouldn’t have taken advantage of the easterly wind on the first half of the race, then I would’ve struggled to keep up with him/her during the second.

Because the wind was pushing me along, I found the first 2.5K easy. I was in and around the top 6. At the half-way point my time was close to 9:30. Double that and it’s a 19 minute 5K.

Then the way back. The second 2.5K or 1.5625 miles. The wind turned from friend to enemy. It kept stealing my breath, I wasn’t hot or sweaty, I was just knackered from constantly pushing against it. By the 3K mark I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to be a PB. However, in more positive news, there was a young kid in a Wales top who did really well. He’s probably fitter than Joe Ledley already.

I cut down on running a bit last week. After training on Tuesday my legs were really aching so I kept it light on Thursday. There was no sprint finish at the end, just a jog.

There’s one more cross country race left this season, then the road to a sub-20 5K really begins. Time to start watching the Rocky films I think!