Position: 75th Time: 37:33

And with that, the 2016-17 East Sussex Cross Country League season is over. It’s been my first proper season and I have to say that, although it’s been tough, I’ve enjoyed it. Well done to all the runners, especially those at Lewes AC who won the league!

The last race was in Pett. Getting there was easy enough, just 14 minutes up the road. It wasn’t a trek like getting to Heathfield Park.

It’s the first time I’ve had the Hastings AC vest on as well. If I’m honest, I was a bit worried there would be a wardrobe malfunction just as I was photographed, like a nipple hanging out or a load or armpit hair. Luckily that didn’t happen.

So as usual this race was an 8K as usual, downhill and uphill through forests and the odd field. A guy nearly slipped into a pond early on, that was an early warning sign that it was going to be a tough.

I managed to run the first 3K really fast. I did try to slow down a bit but I guess once your in a flow it’s hard to stop.

The forests were never ending, especially during the last 2 kilometres or so. I came into this race with a bit of a calf problem which was escalated by swimming the day before. So by the halfway point I was really feeling it.

By 6k I was just trying to run it, I don’t think I’ve ever been in much pain while running! Nevertheless it was a sprint finish to round off the season.

After the race had finished, there was an array of cakes waiting for the runners at the hall next to the park. I was already planning to do a “cheat day”, something one of my mates does when you can eat as much as you want of anything for a day.

I had about five cakes thinking they were complimentary. Okay seven. Unfortunately there was a queue for a reason and each cake was 50p. I think I just handed them a fiver for depleting the cheat day resources.
Overall, I’m just glad I finished the race. 37:33 is still a long way off what I think I can run 8K in. Next year I’d like to beat my Warren Hill time of 34:12 for all the races I do.

2016-17 East Sussex Cross Country League Stats:

13/11/16 Warren Hill – Position: 81st Time: 34:12 Points: 131

12/02/17 Heathfield Park – Position: 58th Time: 38:35 Points: 151

12/03/17 Pett – Position: 75th Time: 37:33 Points: 137

Cumulative Position: 31st

Cumulative Points: 419

East Sussex Cross Country League Table

1. Lewes AC

2. Hastings AC

3. Halisham Harriers

4. Heathfield Road Runners and Uckfield Runners

5. Hastings Runners

6. Crowborough Runners and Wadhurst Runners

7. Bexhill Runners and Triathletes

8. Run Wednesdays, Seaford Striders and Polegate Plodders

9. Eastbourne Rovers

10. Meads Runners

11. Brighton Tri Club

12. Arena 80