Position: 15th Time: 20:27

It was one of those, “I was there” moments today. 243 people turned up at Hastings Pier for a 5K race. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The sun was definitely a factor in this. For the first time in ages, I didn’t step out the door of my halls and instantly get goose bumps from the cold. 

I could already see it was going to be a big turnout while warming up. There were some runners with tights and base layers on. Why?! It’s just setting yourself up to be uncomfortable. 

Unlike the last time I did this race, which was about a month ago, I was running against the wind in the first half. I did try and get in the slipstream of two guys in front of me, but that didn’t make much difference.

On the way back there was a clear difference between the wind being there and not. It gave me a bit of impetus to overtake a couple of runners, although some guy flew past me at the last 300 metres.

I’m happy that the wind didn’t affect me as much as it did last time I ran this Parkrun. It’s back to Cardiff next week for Easter and it’ll be great to break that sub-20 while I’m there!