Position: 85th Time: 21:08

Today was another one of those days when I’m just on autopilot. There was no motivational music in the morning or warm up run, just a hot cross bun and then I left. 

It does always surprise me how many people turn up for the Cardiff Parkrun. Plus 800 yet again! 

It was on the alternative course today which meant one short loop of Pontcanna fields followed by one big one. This means lots of corners to turn which isn’t great.

Going into the race I didn’t feel too great (I know,  more bloody excuses!). My asthma was still a bit funny from going over my grandparents the day before. Nevertheless it didn’t hold me back too much.

The weather conditions were almost perfect for running. Preferably it would be bit hotter but it was cool without too much wind.

The first lap I just did without thinking. My body had woken up but my mind really hadn’t.  This could be either a good or bad thing. On one hand I was keeping around the same pace, on the other there weren’t any bursts of speed.

Then in the second lap, the Pontcanna fields drop off happened. I slowed down quite a bit and the aches started to get worse. 

However I managed to push myself during the last kilometre. Although my time about 45 seconds slower what I ran two weeks ago, under the circumstances I’m not too disappointed. Hopefully next week the course is back to usual and I can finally get a flipping sub-20!