Position: 69th Time: 20:21

Another Saturday, another Parkrun. This time it was back on the usual Cardiff parkrun route, which is good as it means your not turning a corner every kilometre.

Anyway, this morning was a bit of a rush. My alarm was set for 8 but by the time I got to it, it was already 10 past. I managed to swallow two pieces of dry toast, but with that there was only about 3 minutes for my warm up around the block. 

None of that really mattered. Still I was trying to stay awake on the way there. I went out on Thursday night and I’m still repaying some sleep debt!

I got a lift there with my mum who is going to run it in a couple of weeks. Quick prediction now, I reckon she’ll do a sub-35 first time she does it. 

If I’m honest I did feel a bit uncomfortable during the first 1/1.5K of the race. I read something the other day that when you run a 5K you should always be bordering on uncomfortable. Pretty interesting theory actually.

The first half of this course is always harder than the second half. My pace did drop to 4:15 minutes per K at one point but overall I managed to keep it close to a 4 minute K.

The last 400 metres was pretty tough. I felt sick coming towards the end but I managed to make it in with a time of 20:19 on my watch. 

Parkrun today has made me realise that the best chance of getting a sub 20 is at Hastings Parkrun. Barring the wind, the course is probably the easiest one I’ve done because it’s flat, all on concrete plus there’s not too many runners  to at Cardiff.

Next week I’ll try again at the sub-20. Hopefully a week of eating Easter eggs won’t slow me down too much!