Position: 54th Time: 20:11

It was kind of a different Parkrun today. The annual Parkrun mob match between my club, Hastings AC, and Hastings Runners.

It’s fair to say there’s a bit of rivalry between the two clubs. However, in the East Sussex Cross Country League, AC won it while the Runners came fifth. Hastings Runners came into this race looking for revenge.

As for me, obviously I wanted Hastings AC to win, but also I needed to get that elusive sub 20. I woke up a bit earlier this morning just so I felt a bit more awake going into the race.

When I got there, I knew this wasn’t going to be just another Parkrun. It was a mad turnout. Remember last month when there was a record 243 attendance, well today there were 412 runners! The start line was packed with probably some of the best runners in East Sussex. The majority of people from my Tuesday/Thursday training turned up too.

As usual, my start was a little too fast. I tried to slow down a bit, but I think at the start your body wants to bomb it from that natural rush of adrenaline.

For some reason, I really dropped my pace as I came into the halfway point. It was the summer course today for the first time, so for half of the 2K-3K point you were running through bottle ally.

Needless to say, it was probably the hottest it’s been when I’ve done Parkrun this year. In a way, this was helped because it meant a dry surface in which to generate a lot of traction.

I’ve found the last 2K of 5K’s are becoming slightly easier, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m doing speedwork regularly or if I’m just generally fitter. Either way, with 1000 metres to go, about 16 minutes on the watch, I had to make up for lost time to get in that 19-minute bracket.

Unfortunately, I missed out by just 11 seconds. I think I could have pushed it even more, however, I think I gave a good account of myself and it’s good to see my 5K time progressing. Even if I’m improving just bit by bit.

Looking over the results, it is pretty mad how many people turned up and got good times. 48 people got under 20 minutes, that’s more than at Cardiff Parkrun the other day in a race which they had nearly double as many runners. Roll on Mob 2018!