Position: 12th Time: 20:59

​I don’t want to come across as a moaner, but sleep is important, and it’s something I haven’t been getting much of lately. Carpe Diem and all that, but waking up at about 5:30am for successive mornings isn’t what I want to be doing.

As I woke up early, I thought I might as well do the Parkrun in Eastbourne. Getting to the event was easy enough, a 20 minute train journey then another 10 getting to the event. 

Eastbourne Parkrun is held at Shinewater Park, which is a park made up of mainly marshland surrounding the Hydneye Lake. 

I started too far at the back at the start, which led to a bit of a scramble getting toward the front.  Nonetheless, the opening 1K was over grass, which reminded me a bit of cross country in terms of the woodland scenery.   

The grass did slow me down somewhat, but once the surface changed to gravel I started to pick up the pace. As a whole, the course was a bit of a maze, which was nice in a way because it was a journey as well as a race.

Toward the end I became slightly isolated from the front pack, and even had to ask a Marshall for directions. Some guy outpaced me on the grass at the end, props to him as I think he was quite a way behind me at one point.

Overall my time wasn’t great compared to other 5K times this year, but I’m glad I decided to try out the course at Eastbourne. Arguably the best Parkrun I’ve done in terms of scenery. Carpe Diem.