Position: 33rd Time: 21:33

Right, normally I try to make these positive and the tone of this blog might be a bit more negative. If you look at it from the outside, it’s stupid getting annoyed at four digits on a spreadsheet but maybe it just shows that I care about it.

To be fair, I could blame my time on a night out on Thursday, but I think there’s more to it than that. 

If my running progress this week was a line graph, it would start way up at the top from last Sunday then drop right down to the bottom as of now.

So going back to Sunday, I did my 10K tempo and that went really well. But then in the week, I missed training this week and the runs I did to make up for it weren’t good enough.

Anyway enough of that and onto the race. It was pacer day today meaning a good chance to get a sub 20. My plan was to stick with the guy and for once I didn’t start too fast.

I felt good keeping up with him during the first part of the race, but then I had to stop and do my laces and I couldn’t recover to bridge the gap.

Instead I did the opposite, and fell behind quite a bit. By the 4K mark I was on for a time I would’ve been disappointed with 2 years ago.

I know to some people 21:33 might seem pretty good, but because I got 20:11 at the end of last month, it’s gutting. It’s the expectation that kills.

This week I’ve promised myself things are going to change. I’m going to be running every day and won’t miss a Tuesday training session until the end of the university year. Be better feel better.