Normally I would never blog a training run, but I finally got that elusive sub 20 5K! Not only that, but I did it by 18 seconds with a time of 19:42!

Unfortunately it wasn’t at a race or anything, it was just a Saturday morning run, but in all honesty I’m just glad I managed to do it within the university year.

As I’ve always thought, if you feel something is an archievement, then celebrate it, or at least reward yourself for it. No matter how big or small.

It’s important to remember that we’re not all going to become Olympic Athletes, play for our favourite football team, or get to number one in the UK charts by spitting absolute fire!

But what we can do is be the best versions of ourselves. It’s a really cliche thing to say, but it’s so true when it comes to anything.

I digress. The first 1 and a half K, I ran at quite a fast pace. By the time I got to Hastings promenade I had slowed down a bit.

What really kept me going was the music. At one point I had “Carry On” by Scott and Brendo, then “Gold Dust” by Dj Fresh and I think at one point “Take it Home” by White Tie Affair.

By about 4K my body really wanted to slowdown and ease into something like a 20:20 or 20:30 5K but I just managed to keep the pace.

I kept remembering the amount of times when I’ve got to 4500 metres and there’s not much left in the tank. “It’s fine I’ll do it another day, as long as I make this time respectable I’ll be happy”.

When it got to about 4800 metres I pretty much knew I was going to do it. And when I did I punched the air and shouted, which in hindsight was a really cringey thing to do and probably looked really weird. On the other hand I was in the moment and didn’t really care.

Nevertheless, it is done and I’ve now got to translate this kind of performance into a race. Onwards and upwards!