Position: 37th Time: 20:57

Not the best time, but at least I got a time within 21 minutes. Also, I’m not exactly sure what went down last night, but some real shenanigans went on in my halls.

I think it was a party or something a couple of floors down from me. It sounded pretty crazy, so much so that when I woke up at four in the morning it sounded like it was still going on!

In training I was told that I need to work on my form. I’ve always been thought my running style isn’t the best, a bit all over the place, which I think might have partly come from playing football. 

So for the first half of the race, I was trying to keep my head down and straight while running at a sub-20 5K pace at the same time.

I got to the halfway mark at 9:55. In theory that’s a good time for a sub 20. However, I always run the second half slower, so in practice, giving myself a plus 5 second leeway isn’t all that great.

Last week I think I ran the first 2.5K in around 9:30, so it just goes to show how much I rely on a fast start.

On the way back one guy in front of me had to stop. In fairness, on hot days like today, I do think about stopping sometimes, plus I saw him rubbing his ankle so he could’ve been injured.

The final part of the race was a bit of a slog in all honesty. I sped up toward the last 500 metres, but there weren’t too many stand out moments from today. I guess it’s just good to be up and out on a Saturday morning.

I think it’s understandable that I can’t go 100 miles per hour every week, or in my case, 15 kilometres per hour. But hopefully next time I’ll be ready to attack the course in the second half as I do in the first. As Alan Shearer would say, “It’s a game of two halves”.