As good as it has been to be back at home, running hasn’t been going as smoothly as I would have liked.

Circumstances have meant I’ve missed three Cardiff parkrun’s in a row. Admittedly, one was because of a night out, but then last week I didn’t realise I needed to take the bus until it was too late, then yesterday I was injured.

Truthfully, I probably could have run yesterday. On Tuesday, I tried out a new route and took a wrong turn which meant I ended up doing a couple more miles than I set out to do.

Suddenly increasing your mileage is something you shouldn’t really do, and, unsurprisingly, I finished my run with my right knee in feeling a bit weird.

Then the next day I went to the cinema (to see Baby Driver which is probably a 7.5/10 film). My knee was feeling a bit painful getting there, then when I got up when the film had finished, felt a searing pain in my knee. Unfortunately my mates had to take me to A and E!

Only joking, but on a level it was painful, especially when I bent it in a 60 degree position. So although I was still fine to work afterwards, it still felt a bit strange when I bent it, and this carried on until about Friday.

It’s fair to say I haven’t had the best of luck recently, breaking two small bones in my wrist playing football toward the end of May!

But yesterday I took a precaution, because parkrun is competitive, I like to push it and stopping midway through wouldn’t be the best look, not to mention that aggravating the injury would  be an absolute calamity.

Nevertheless, I’ve entered Cardiff 10K in September, and will be looking to stick to a proper training schedule tailored for a 10K metre race. As for Villa stuff, hopefully I will be able to go to one or two pre-season friendlies and get some match reports done. Peace out.