Position: 38th Time: 20:22

And we’re back! It’s been a long time in coming, over a month. In fact, the last time I did the Cardiff Parkrun was in April.

It was a pretty hot morning, around the 20’s I think, numbers have been a little less recently because of the heat.

This week has been decent for me in terms of running. Obviously I had that injury the Tuesday before last, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I managed to get some hard sessions in.

Talking of Thursday, that day I trained with San Domenico, a club based in Roath. The session was a 10K around the reservoir, nice route, no complaints.

So bringing things up to today, it was a fast start again as always with Parkrun. I ran the first kilometre at sub-19 minute pace.

I’m not sure why, but as soon as my watch beeped for the first mile, I apparently slowed down suddenly to about 4:30 minutes per kilometre. 

For some reason I ended up giving every volunteer a thumbs up, which in hindsight was a bad idea, as I was one second off my personal best for the course. If anybody knows the average time taken for a thumbs up please let me know. Not that the volunteers don’t deserve a thumbs up, because they definitely do!

That’s my excuse anyway, fatigued after too many thumbs up’s. Moving on.

 In a way I’m a bit annoyed how I finished. Although I did pick the pace up toward the end, there wasn’t a finishing sprint which could have been crucial for one or two seconds.

It was only after I looked at the results afterwards that I realised I was one second off my PB for this specific course. This means next week I should do it, key word being should. 

Hopefully the coming week should include some good mileage. The run back home from Parkrun today was probably about six in itself, so I think my shift for today has been done. See you next week Parkrun.