Position: 65th Time: 20:09

Parkrun 501 done! A Cardiff PB, but I think I could’ve pushed it slightly more. Anyway it was a bit of a family affair today, shout to Mum and Dad who also ran.

The past two weeks I’ve been recording my mileage. Hopefully this’ll motivate me to get over that 30 mile mark as Cardiff 10K get’s closer.

So from the Saturday starting the 8th June, I did 24.5 miles, then from Saturday the 15th until yesterday which was the 21st, I did 28.5.

Starting off was painful as per, no matter how long I’ve warmed up beforehand, the first kilometre always feels like I’ve just rolled out of bed then started running.

However, as the race went on I feel like I got into a pretty good rythm. I think my time at the 2.5K mark was around 9:45. So sub four minute kilometres.

Speedwork on Tuesday included eight times 600 metres. On average, I was getting 2.05 minutes, meaning in hindsight I probably should have finished a little faster than I did. 

With running you can find yourself getting caught up on the maths side of things, mileage, splits, etc. Sometimes it’s good to just let all that go and enjoy it!

Anyway, with me going on holiday tommorow, I’m gonna have to keep up my mileage. Here’s to hoping I get it done!