Position: 9th Time: 20:53*

No Cardiff Parkrun this week, as it’s another tourist trip down to Barry Island to take on their 5K offering.

Although originally, I planned to do the Grangemoor Parkrun last night. I had the timings right, from what time I was going to leave my house for the train station to the time I would get there.

So I was all set. Unfortunately, I must have been deep in thought about the Villa or something, because by the time I realised my train had arrived at Grangetown station, the doors had locked again! Despite my attempts to push the open button through the wall, the driver had already made his mind up that there was nobody getting off.

Luckily for me, the train also went to Barry Island, an area most people know from Gavin and Stacey! So unplanned as it was, I decided that I’d do their instalment of Parkrun instead.

The course, which was an alternate route, was three laps up to “Heartbreak hill” and back. And no I didn’t make that name up!

In the briefing we were told that “Heartbreak Hill” was just a small incline. In reality it was a steep 75 metres uphill, which really is a killer on the third lap.

I managed to keep up with the leading pack for about half of it of it, although there was one guy in a blue shirt who shot off after the first 1K, after that there was no catching him.

The hills and inclines, unsurprisingly, were my main downfall to why my time was lot slower than the 20:06 two weeks ago. Nevertheless, the volunteers were nice as per and the course was by the sea so I can’t really complain!

Doing an different Parkrun to the one you usually do every once in a while is something I recommend. Cardiff will always be my favourite because it’s the one I started on. Nevertheless, testing your running on different courses with different terrains can help you improve a lot.

Weekly mileage: 

22/07/17 – 28/07/17: 20K / 12.5 miles

29/07/17 – 04/07/17: 46K / 25 miles

*My time on my watch showed 20:53, and I was monitoring the time as I usually do over each kilometre. Normally I take the Parkrun time off the website, but there’s no way I got 21:59. Nevertheless, thanks to all the volunteers at Barry Island Parkrun who were really supportive throughout the course!