In preparation for Cardiff 10K in September, I wanted to test myself in a 10K. I’ve timed myself doing the distance before, but have never ran the distance competitively.
As you can tell from the title, this race felt like cross country. A lot of it was on rutted path which horse riders regularly use too.

At the start I had some mad nerves going on. Maybe it was because I didn’t know what to expect from the route, or possibly because I was one of the only ones without trail shoes. Either way I got off to a fast start.

From the beginning there was a separation between the leading pack and the rest. The best part about having the race at Cottrell Park, which is a golf course as well, is that you had golfers egging you on too.

As I came to the halfway point, my dad said it looked like I was really feeling it. Maybe I should’ve had a bigger breakfast than two pieces of toast, any how, my tank was emptying fast.

Unfortunately the toughest part was yet to come, bunker hill. 370 metres uphill with a height gain of 39 metres (just reading of the website here)!

There was actually a separate competition on “Strava” for who could get bunker hill the fastest. You can’t be skipping leg day if you want to win that!

Needless to say, this completely threw off my pacing. The last two or so kilometres just became about trying to get through it. 

The race as a whole was a real challenge, and although maybe I could have put on more race specific preparation, it was something I think I needed.