Position: 288th Time: 42:41

What a race! Over 7000 entered Cardiff 10K, including big names in British running such as Dewi Griffiths and Lily Partridge

The atmosphere at the start was electric, with a 2K fun run taking place prior to the main event. You had commentators going through the history of the event plus a stalls for food and water.  

It was the biggest race I’ve ever done before. Obviously the nerves were there, and the fact that you could look behind and just see rows upon rows of people was nerve-racking in itself. 

Unfortunately for me, the race started before my watch did, something to do with the satellite reception i think. I genuinely started to think I’d be without it for the race, but luckily after a minute, the timer had started and I could finally see my pace!

The route was a familiar one to me as I do quite a lot of training runs around the Cathays/Roath area. What wasn’t familiar was all of the spectators on Cathays terrace, of which there were probably a few hundred.

My original plan for the race was to get near 45 minutes. So 16 minutes for 3.3K, 32 minutes for 6.6K and so on. However, when I got to Roath park, which was the 4K mark, I was ahead of schedule and not really struggling too much so I thought I’d push it on a bit.

Something that always makes me feel slightly guilty at these big races is when I take the water at half way, and just throw it to the side after about half a sip. This time I made better use of it, giving myself a D.I.Y shower which was ultimately pointless because it was chucking it down with rain.

Nevertheless, I slowed down slightly as my run came to its conclusion. Around the 8K mark I was starting to really feel it, but fortunately I saw two other runners I recognised from San Domenico RC before the end, so I ran the last bit with them.

So how do I feel about my time? Pretty gassed to be honest, although the picture tells a different story! In a way, it’s concluded my Summer, and although it’s nearly over, I’ve still got a Parkrun PB to get, plus I want to do the Grangemoor parkrun too. Peace.

*Also if you can, please donate to kidneywales.com