Position: 36th Time: 20:50

I’ve always wondered about how footballers motivate themselves for the season ahead after a winning some kind of silverware in the summer. I wonder how Eder felt when he had to play in pre-season for Swansea after scoring the winning goal against France to win Portugal Euro 2016.
Weak analogy maybe, but after Cardiff 10K, I wouldn’t mind a new challenge or a big race to build up to. 

Nevertheless, Parkruns’ got my back on a Saturday morning. So my fix of competitive running, or even sport in general, is there for the weekend.

Today it was an alternative course, not at Pontcanna, but Llandaff fields, which is only about five minutes away from the former anyway.

After some pre-event photos with a Welsh sprinter (of which I will remember his name and edit this!) and a couple of guys deciding to use Parkrun as part of their stag do, we began. 

The course was about two laps round the fields, so naturally, a large part of it was on grass. It wasn’t that boggy, but the morning dew did make it slippery.

I think my 2.5K split was about 10:04 so I was on track for a decent time.

At the halfway point, the sprinter (I’ll remember his name eventually) was there with the other marshals cheering people on. Fairplay to him, I’m sure a lot of famous athletes would’ve taken the photo at the start then left, but he was there clapping with the rest of the volunteers. I really rate that. 

Unsurprisingly, the second half of the race was a bit more of a slog. PB’s were rarity today because the course was a bit slower with lots of corners.

Talking of corners. I think I pretty much had them nailed today. Nevertheless my time still came in at 20:44 on my watch, and 20:50 officially. So it was a bit of a slower one from me today despite my  relatively high placing.

But, all things considered, the tougher course, the couple of drinks I had at the pub quiz on Thursday and the fact that my watch said I did 100 metres more than 5K which would’ve probably added ten seconds to my time, I’m not too disappointed. 

It’ll be good to go back to Hastings and run a faster course the promenade soon. Then it’s cross country which is just about getting through it, but compared to last year, I think I’m in a much better position to tackle the mud of East Sussex!