Position: 7th Time: 20:45

Bloody hell man, it’s been a while! Since Cardiff 10K, my running has been a bit up and down. I managed to get one Parkrun in before I left to go to university, but that was more than a month ago!

Moving into my new house for my second year in Hastings hasn’t been all that smooth. My asthma meant I missed quite a large chunk of training when I first came down, but now I’m starting to get into a bit of a routine again.

My new house is a bit further away from the start line of Hastings Parkrun this year, so I decided to get the bus this morning. Having not travelled on the bus for a while in Hastings, I had no idea how much a single was. However, although it was £3.10 and I only had £2.50 on me, the driver let me off the extra 60p. Legend.

Since I last came there’s been some minor chamges on the course too, which now goes around Hastings pier. Maybe on a clear morning I might be able to see France, if that’s actually possible!

I met up with my coach at the start, and he gave me a bit of motivation to go on and get that sub-20. And in all honesty, early on I thought I could do it, running the first 2K in well under eight minutes.

Then I got to bottle alley and the pace slowed down a bit. But I managed to pick it up again before I got to the pier which signalled halfway. 

I took a bit of a gamble this morning. Although my legs were pretty fatigued from a good but tough week of sport, I took the hard option. Rather than keeping my pace around 4:05 to 4:15 per kilometre the whole way through and getting a safe bur decent time, I tried a below four minute kilometre’s and came up quite a bit short.

Sometime’s you’ve got to gamble, and sometimes it doesn’t pay off. Next week I might go slower at the start and push on at the end if I can, but this week it was good to test the waters to see where I’m at.