Position: 11th Time: 20:36

Today I made the unexpected journey to Shinewater Park in Eastbourne to do their Parkrun for second time. 

I was planning on doing Hastings Parkrun again, but due to strong winds, (46 mph plus apparently!) it was cancelled for the first time ever.

The only other time I’ve done Eastbourne Parkun was back in May, where I got a time of 20:59. That was probably my most up and down month ever for running! I struggled to 21:33 at Hastings Parkrun a week later, but then the Saturday after that I broke sub-20 minutes!

Waiting for the race to start was soo long, it was absolutely pouring it down. Now I don’t mind a bit of rain, in fact, sometimes it helps keep you alert, but this was just ridiculous. 

All complaining aside, I guess it’s part of the fun. If anything it helped my start too, I didn’t go off way too fast like I did last week because the wind literally didn’t let me!

For the first two kilometres, I felt like I was going a lot slower than I was. Unlike the last time I did Eastbourne Parkrun, we ran on the winter course, which meant it was out and back with only the first and last 100 metres on grass.

Throughout the race there were sudden downpours and my shirt was really sticking to me. Luckily, the shorts I use are actually swimming shorts so maybe that helped me a bit in the rain!

One thing to point out for today was that there were three or four photographers. I could bang one on the insta but my running photos lately (especially for Cardiff 10K) have got me looking like Sloth off the Goonies!

It wasn’t the rain or the wind which was the real problem, but the puddles. Like on top gear when someone does a time trial on a wet track and they put in brackets (damp) next to the result, I kinda wish they did that today.

I did slow down towards the end, and looking back I probably did have enough in the tank for a sprint finish to knock a couple of seconds off. Nevertheless I’m happy with my time factoring in the weather conditions. 

And after a run back to the station through actual hail, I finally warmed up a bit. I can’t explain how good that shower was when I eventually got back! Anyway, until next week!