Position: 12th Time: 20:13

Winter is around the corner! I know that because it was absolutely freezing this morning.

The family were over for this weekend, so both my Mum Dad did it too. When they asked if there were any tourists at the briefing, my Dad managed to pipe up to say that he was a tourist all the way from the land of sheep and the words, “who’s coat is that jacket!”

Normally I would have my “dodgy meal” on Saturday, but as the family was over, I had a veggie burger and chips last night. Despite my Mum digging into a “Steak and Kidney” pie, she still managed to get a PB this morning! Not sure it’s a classic pre-race choice.

For a bit of the first kilometre I was actually in first, what helped is that I managed to leave the start line the second the official gave the green light to go.
The first half of the race went pretty smoothly, then on the way back I was running with a group of four.

As per usual with Hastings Parkrun, there was a headwind which might have added a couple of seconds onto everyone’s time.

With 150-200 metres to go I managed a sprint, maybe I could’ve done it a bit earlier but then again I’m not sure I would’ve maintained it to the end.

Next week it’s back to Eastbourne again for pacer day, but before then it’s the Second City Derby! UTV.

*Little side note, I can’t not put this on. As I finished my coach shouted “Olympic Time!”. Other people were like “Ah I’m sure it wasn’t that fast”. The time on his stopwatch – 20:12.