It’s pacer day at Eastbourne Parkrun, and with 1K to go I’m just about keeping up with the sub-20-minute guy. But as I come out of the underpass my legs give in, and my pacing slowly drops; 4:01 per km, 4:05 per km, 4:18 per km. Then the sky blackens and rain starts to pour down. Pathetic fallacy at its finest.

Still, the pacer isn’t too far away. He’s 40 metres at front of me at most. So as I come onto the gravel path I sum up the strength to start pushing hard down on the ground, finally catching up before passing him. I don’t stop, powering through onto the grass and through the finish line. My time? 19:50.

At least that’s what I wished happened this morning. In reality, I was probably still asleep when Parkrun started at 9 o’clock this morning. Not because I didn’t wake up in time, but because right now I probably couldn’t run 500 metres without looking like I’ve just run a marathon carrying Adebayo Akinfenwa on my back.

I would say they worst thing about being ill is not the fact that you actually feel bad, but that you can’t do most of the things you want to do. Also for me it’s annoying because it’s killed my training momentum.

Anyway, with cross country next Sunday, I’m going to be running it ill or not. It might be a bit of a stupid attitude to have, but for me cross country is just about getting through it and getting points for the club rather than about time or position.

I’ve realised this time last year was when all consistency went out the window. I only did one Parkrun in November, and then when I finally came back to do one a month later, my time had dropped massively. Maybe I did a cross country that month as well, but there was no plan at all.

But although I’m not feeling to great at the moment, I would say that the motivation is still there to get back on track.