Position: 113th Time: 35:30

Firstly, it’s great to see Brian Winn in aa stable condition after he was airlifted to hospital on Sunday.

Although I’m not exactly sure what for, at times like this it’s always great to see the all the clubs around East Sussex coming together to wish him well.

Also, well done to Hastings AC runner Joe Body who won the event!

In terms of my race, it could’ve gone a lot better. My time was more than a minute off my Warren Hill time last year, plus my pacing was all over the place!

I tried to run as if I was running on normal ground, but as I found out after 5K that  wasn’t the best idea with the wind, rain and steep uphill at the end. Once my pace dropped I couldn’t make it back up.

There was one point where a cow escaped it’s pen and starting running across the path. Luckily everyone got out the way, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t see at Parkrun!

With the finish line in sight a couple of more people started to overtake me.

But with 200 metres left, despite having quite a poor race, compared to last year anyway, I just thought “No I aint having this!”

So I ended up sprinting round the outside overtaking about five and ripping off my number off in the process!

I think I was a bit annoyed at myself more than anything that I did have enough energy left to sprint at the end. My legs just went.

Cross country is never easy or straightforward, but it was a good race anyway and at least I know next time that  to lower my expectations a bit in bad weather.