Position: 65th Time: 20:40

I was back in Cardiff for Parkrun today and it was good to see some familiar faces again.

And despite being a bit wetter, it’s actually warmer here. No way would have I been able to have worn my club vest on Hastings promenade.

Cross country really took a toll on me last week. So in terms of training, this weeks been a bit hit and miss.

I think with training, I’ve got to be a bit tougher. Missing Tuesday was fair enough because I could hardly walk up a slight incline, but despite doing a 12K on Wednesday, I think I could have done hills on Thursday.

My reasoning was that I might face the old shin splints like November of last year. At one point it got so bad that I had to leave early on a track session.

Onto todays race, and I was doing well up until 3K when my time dropped and I couldn’t pick it back up.

I think I paced it well, and on another week I probably would have kept the 4 minutes per kilometre going till the finish.

Nevertheless, I think my form was actually good for once, and also it was one of those races where I felt like I could only give 80% whole time. You just can’t get away with it in running.

About a month ago, I got 20:36 at Eastbourne Parkrun.  I felt I really pushed it that week. So, to take positives from today, I’m finding it easier to get decent times.

To put todays run into context, I made a line graph of Parkruns I’ve done this year. (This took me waaay longer than it should’ve to make).

parkrun 2017