Position: 8th Time: 20:18

So close! Or so I thought. Parkrun 51 done and right now I’m absolutely knackered. The run back to the house today was tougher than usual.
This week has been quite a tough week in terms of running, on Thursday we did hill sessions and after set six out of twelve I really slowed down.

My coach had a bit of a go at me for that, and to be fair it was deserved. Sometimes when I’m in the red I’ll give up instead if digging in.

Today I got down to the start line early. My last Parkrun at Hastings was bitingly cold but to carry on the analogy, this one took the biscuit.

For the first 250 metres or so the distance and pace of my watch wasn’t working. Once I did get it sorted I had to make up a bit of ground on some of the frontrunners.

The route today took us through bottle alley, which in a way, is better because you’re protected from the wind.

At halfway my time was 9:53. I did think that this could be the day, the day I got a sub-20 at Hastings Parkrun.

On the way back through Bottle Alley, my pace dropped a bit and I thought “here we go, this is where I choke.”

But I did managed to pick it back up again before it dropped once more to about 4:11 per kilometre.

Honestly, at this point I thought this was Parkrun 25/11/17 over. There was a guy not too far in front of me as I got to the last 1.5K. But he was slowly pulling away.

He did eventually get away, so I’m wasn’t sure it was completely worth sprinting at the end. But I did.

And to my surprise my time was on my watch was only 19:57 despite only saying that I’d run 4.95km. So I kinda knew I just missed out on that sub-20.

Naturally I was pretty disapointed when the results came out showing I’d got a time of 20:18. Looking back, I think the fact that my watch messed up at the start was the reason for the time on it being so off.

Nevertheless, this week I’ve got to carry on and keep pushing, because it would be so sick if I could get that sub-20 feeling again next Saturday. I took 20 seconds off from last weeks time today, so who says I can’t take another 20 off next week!?