Position: 10th Time: 19:47

Finally! Perhaps it took longer than it should have, however after 15 attempts at Hastings Parkrun I can finally say I’m a sub-20 runner.

Not sure why, but I woke up well early this morning. Blessing #1. This allowed me to have porridge because I had enough time to eat it then digest it properly.

Like last week I made my own way there rather than take the bus. Looking back, I don’t really know why I took the bus in the first place!

Anyway, this allowed me to get to the start line with a good 20 minutes to spare. Last week I had the dodgy watch situation, so I started my watch and added on an extra ten seconds before I started to make sure if it did happen again, I had 10 seconds of leigh way. 

What really helped was that there were runners from my club racing today who always seem to just beat me in intervals. From the start I stuck with them plus a couple of others who joined our cluster.

The route was the same as last week, out and back through bottle alley. This is probably biased because of my time today, but it’s definitely my favourite route for Hastings Parkrun!

At halfway my time was 9:55. This was actually a bit slower than last week which just shows how much I pulled it back in the second 2.5K.

So many times in the second half of the race I slowed down slightly only to pick it back up again. 

Once you go up thus ramp, the lower and the upper promenade merge into one. At this point you’ve got about 1500 metres to go.

I kept a steady pace before leaving my sprint until the last 300. Like last week when I crossed the line, I wasn’t completely sure what my time was.

My watch said 19:59, but then again I added ten seconds on at the start. At the same time last week my watch time said 19:55, but my official time was 20:18.

Luckily, this time everything went to plan. What do I feel about getting a sub-20 again. Well, apart from buzzing, just relief. I thought I’d have to wait until next year for that magic time. Morale of the story. Don’t wait until tomorrow to archive your goals lads!