Position: 16th Time: 22:30

Post race thoughts? In terms of Parkruns, that’s probably the toughest ones I’ve done, as shown by my time being nearly three minutes slower than last weeks.

Infact, I’ve got stats to back that up. Out of the 458 Parkrun’s on https://jegmar.com/stats-hq/fastest-races/parkrun/, Bevendean Down sits at 453rd in terms of elevation profile. Hastings? Well that’s 35th.

Never before have I had to get up earlier that six o’clock for a Parkrun, but as with most things, there’s a first time for everything! 
As well as being the most vertical Parkrun I’ve done, Bevendean Down is also the smallest in terms of regular participants. At the same time, there’s a higher concentration of club runners.  

The course was two laps of a field which is part of South Downs National Park. It goes without saying that the scenery is double decent!

Each lap is up then down a hill, and surprisingly, I found the first lap more difficult than the second. This is probably because I got used to it. 

Did I mention as well that it was bloody freezing?! a couple of Parkruns had to be cancelled this morning because of icy paths. As most of my running tops were in the washing basket, I ran in my Wales shirt. New rule from now on: no running in short sleeves in December Haza!

In a way, the cold weather helped the  course, making the ground firm giving you a good grip.

By halfway I had pretty much found my position in the race. In fairness, this got me too relaxed and maybe I would’ve pushed it a bit more had there been a couple of runners nearer me.

Nevertheless, the last 500 metres was on flat ground, so I had a reason for a fast finish. 

As with running any course for the first time, it’s hard to know how well you did. A few of the runners today that I spoke to were doing the course for the first time too so I guess they’re in the same boat. 

With cross country coming up next Sunday, this was a reminder that hills are hard. Just as water is wet.

Anyway, here’s a picture I took from this morning. Like I said, in terms of scenery I don’t think you can get much better than this!