Position: 62nd Time: 37:00

It’s weird how sometimes dodgy prep can lead to you doing better than if your preparation is intense and calculated. 

To give an example, my mate did his best ever 15 miles after waking up from a double hangover the other day (not sure what that is exactly but it sounds bad)!
And this race was another example. I had miss training on Thursday due to blisters, then as my exams were done for the year, a heavy night out followed.

One of the things I like about cross country is that it takes you all over the country, or East Sussex at least. This time we were over in New Place Farm, Framfield.

Then as I was travelling there in a mates car, I realised I had done something I had never done before. I’d forgot to take my running watch. For bloody hells sake mun!

However, in hindsight I think not taking it actually helped quite a lot during the race as I wasn’t looking down on my pacing all the time.  

It was a two lap course around the farm, which included field after field, although luckily this meant it was flat. 

But just because I said it was flat, doesn’t mean it was solid! In a way it was quite a tactical race because you had to guess what part of the path was the most solid to run on.

I managed to keep my placing throughout the race and there was no disaster like at Warren Hill where I was overtaken by about ten runners on the last stretch.

In fact, I felt really good, and maybe that meant I wasn’t trying hard enough, but I managed to overtake a Hastings Runner at the end. 

Current Table

1. Lewes AC

2. Crowborough

3. Halisham Harriers

4. Hastings AC

5. Eastbourne Rovers

6. Hastings Runners

7. Heathfield/Uckfield

8. Polegate/Run Wednesdays/Seaford Striders

9. Meads Runners

10. Bexhill Runners and Trialtletes

11. Brighton Tri Club

12. Arena 80