Position: 146 Time: 44:26

A phrase I still remember from German GCSE is “nicht so gut”, not so good. A good way to describe this race for me.

But unlike Warren Hill, where my pacing was off, at this race my calves just gave up after the second hill.

If anything, the injury gives me an excuse to concentrate solely on uni exams this week rather than train.

Unfortunately, there was only one toilet toilet before the race. One thing your guarenteed with cross country is a rank toilet!

The course, which took you around the country outskirts of Lewes on the South Downs.

It was quite sunny as well, for January at least, so I could wear my vest without anything under it for the first time this season.

Just 500 metres into the race and a narrow gap meant everyone got bottlenecked at had to walk. In was an interesting start to a cross county if I’ve ever seen one.

In terms of my run, I think I started quickly, and was in and around some of the runners I finished close to in Framfield.

I can’t really put a pin on when it happened, but at some point between the 2K to 3K mark I felt a strain on my calf and had to stop.

Maybe the warning signs had been there. I did a hill session on Thursday, then on Saturday I went for a light run but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a slight twinge.

The final 5K was pretty bad. I had to stop a couple of times but luckily the hills weren’t too steep. Nevertheless it was a struggle an the finish line was a welcome sight. 

Like from just looking at the photos you just know I’m not comfortable. I’ve had this calf injury last year but when I did it then it was in training so I could just leave, but in cross country it’s best to just finish it to get points for the club.

Talking of points. Lewes are smashing it at the moment and won the race on their home turf. Overall, they are leading the East Sussex Cross Country League table while us and Hastings Runners are neck and neck in fourth.

And I’ll tell you one thing. Hastings AC might not win this year, but we won’t be letting Hastings Runners finish above us!

East Sussex Cross Country League Table

1. Lewes AC

2. Crowborough

3. Halisham Harriers

4. Hastings AC

4. Hastings Runners

6. Eastbourne Rovers

6. Heathfield/Uckfield

8. Polegate/Run Wednesdays/Seaford Striders

9. Meads Runners

9. Bexhill Runners and Trialthletes

11. Brighton Tri Club

12. Arena 80