Position: 109th Time: 21:48

This week I’m back in Cardiff because it’s my reading week, so why not do my first Parkrun of the year in my hometown?

Todays race reminded me I’m completely back to square one in terms of running. There were lot’s of factors that slowed my time down but overall there’s a lot of work to do to get back to that sub-20 pace of last month.

I remember last May I had the same sort of situation. After a week of not training I got a time in the Parkrun on Saturday which a lot was slower than anything I’d done all year. I think I got 21:33, but in the following week I trained hard and managed to get a sub-20 the subsequent Saturday!

So in short all is not lost. I think exam stress as well this week has affected my sleeping and before I start sounding like a complete moany git, I think having a break from exams and just uni in general will help me to recharge.

Going back to this time last year, illness and travelling meant I didn’t do much running last January, but when I raced for the first time in 2017 I was completely ready and got a decent time of 20:20.

So how did todays race go? Well it started well, and I managed to get a solid start and the first 2K I ran within eight minutes. But after that the pacing just went.

It wasn’t like last week when I had a problem with my calves, I just felt like I couldn’t keep a steady pace. Tomorrow it’s long run day and a 10 miler. The thing is now I’ve put that in here means I have to do it now!

Also i found this photo on the Facebook page quite funny.

“Parkrun in medieval times”.