Remember the Summer of 2017 on YouTube? When diss tracks, and click baiting were at their peak?

Within all that, Joe Weller, who had beaten Theo Baker in an experimental boxing match, called out the UK’s biggest Youtuber, KSI.

From then on the hype just took off. There was a heated press conference in September at Upload, where the two actually got into a mini scrap.

Starting with Joe Weller, the 21-year-old was already a gym regular, but had to completely adapt his training schedule in order to prepare for the fight.

In speaking with the True Geordie, Weller has trained eight hours a day in the gym and has had to eat 5000 calories daily.

Talking about his training, Weller said he gradually gained to respect of his coaches after showing his determination and willingness to commit to the programme. Five months ago, he released a video with his “boxing coach” Anthony Joshua.

Olajide Olatunji, better known as KSI, has admitted that before he started training, he was unfit and overweight. However, from his social media, it’s clear that he’s been working hard especially on his cardio, which he believes will give him a major edge.

Early fight footage of the 24-year-old wasn’t promising, but in the last four months Olatunji has undergone a major transformation. In latest music video, “Uncontrollable”, he shows off his ripped physique.

KSI has boasted about his progress in training, and has said he has improved so much from sparring all different types of boxers. Recent footage has shown the actor/rapper knocking someone clean out in a sparring session.

In terms of talking, a major part in the build up to any fight. Joe Weller has been more humble, saying how he wants to detach from all emotion in the ring. On the other hand, KSI has stated how he wants to “demolish” Weller.

Yesterday the weigh in took place, with both fighters giving it large as expected. Joe Weller came in at 79.2 kg, while KSI, the bookies favourite, came in at a slightly heavier at 83 kg.

All that’s left now is the main event. The fight, which will consist of six three minute rounds, will take place at the Copper Box Arena in London. The event will be livestreamed on both of the competitors YouTube channels.