Position: 11th Time: 20:26

A word to describe today’s Parkrun: decent. Nothing special, but I feel like the training I’ve done over the last few weeks has got me back around the level I was at toward the end of last year.

Of course I’ve got my 15K coming up in March, so I’ve managed to get in some good miles. Since my last Parkrun, I’ve done two 15K’s, and both have taken me around 1 hour fifteen minutes. On Thursday I led a hill session too, and by led, I mean shout go and keep track of how many reps we’d done. It was quite a proud moment in my Hastings AC stint!

Today was a bit chilly, but relatively mild. I even swayed one of my Uni mates to run today as well, and hopefully he’ll be back (I think)!

From what he said, it’s even Steven’s whether he’ll do it again, but then again he’s a competitive guy so I wouldn’t bet against him returning for a PB.

The start line filled up quickly. When we first arrived there didn’t look to be as many people as usual, but turns out there were still 286 runners. It goes to show that as a town, Hastings is big on running.

At the beginning I managed to hover around the frontrunners, before backing off a bit before I came to bottle alley. Nevertheless, I managed get to halfway in under ten minutes.

With about 1.5K to go you’ve got these turquoise pillars, and I never know whether to run on the inside or outside of them. This time I went inside. Anyway the point is that little things like that take your mind off how tired you are.

Talking of tiredness, I did definitely push in points today. I think at the end I could’ve given it a bit more. Sometimes on cold days it’s hard to know how much you’ve tried because the cold means you don’t sweat as much.

Next week it’s cross country at the dreaded Heathfield Park. I’d probably say, despite how tough it was, it was in my top five races last year. In the meantime, it’s the Second City Derby tomorrow. Up the Villa!