Pos: 70th Time: 40:12

Cross country 5/6 done, and although it was one minute and a bit slower than last year, it was still a good test as always.

Which brings me on to another point. Do I get trail shoes? I definitely think they would’ve helped this season, but then again I’m not sure I go trail running enough to warrant buying them.

It was probably the sunniest cross country of the year, I was actually sweating when warming up, yet it was probably wetter than last year terrain wise. From the 2K to 3K mark where you go through a forest, I was probably slipping forward rather than running.

Joe, the guy who won it, wore spikes which would’ve certainly helped his grip through this part of the race.

And talking of grip. This was the most people I’d ever seen fall over during a cross country.

A runner stumbled and fell right at the start, then at 2K, the guy in front of me must have clipped his foot on the bank during the stream jump, causing him to fall forward. Fortunately he got up quickly. Meanwhile, another guy was looking for his shoe in the mud!

With one kilometre to go, the guy in front of me fell, did some karate style roll and got back up again. Crazy!

I think, compared to Lewes, I took the hills better. The tarmac parts of the course remind you what grip feels like.

I probably mentioned it in my report last year, but at the end there’s this hill where it’s so vertical that it’s faster to walk up it than run.

Looking back, I could’ve gained a few places on the last K, which was my slowest one out of the eight. Then again, it did get bottlenecked at the end where you have to climb over this log.

Looking at the results, quite a few runners got slower times this year at Heathfield Park than last year. However, I’m still yet to run a course faster this year compared to last year, so if I beat my 37:33 time at Pett next month, I’ll be happy.

East Sussex Cross Country League Table

1. Lewes AC

2. Crowborough

3. Halisham Harriers

4. Hastings AC

5. Hastings Runners

6. Polegate/Run Wednesdays/Seaford Striders

7. Heathfield/Uckfield

8. Eastbourne Rovers

9. Bexhill Runners and Triathletes

10. Meads Runners

11. Brighton Tri Club

12. Arena 80