Position: 40th Time: 38:28

And that’s it for another year in terms of cross country. It was a muddy end to another decent season.

The Pett course, which is home turf for both Hastings AC and Hastings Runners, was much muddier than last year, as you can probably see from the photo! Although the first 500 metres was on gravel, pretty much everyone wore spikes (including myself).

The course is half fields half forest, but afterwards, some were complaining on the about people cutting corners on the fields.

Apart from one instance when everybody cut the same corner, from what I saw runners stuck to the arrows. I can see why some would get annoyed at corner cutting, but I didn’t really see people doing it and people who did are just cheating themselves.

At the 5K mark you enter the forest, and while some of the fields are tough, the forest part is a whole different kettle of fish.

Some of the corners were really slippery especially when you were turning after running downhill. I did slip once, which was probably down to having shorter spikes, but I think I managed to style it off fairly well!

On this course last year I remember I really struggled on the hills, but this time around I think I took the whole course at a steadier pace so I had enough energy when I got to the hill parts.

At one point I saw a group of five runners go completely the wrong way, in fairness it was a mazy route.

Reading my blog from this race last I put at the end, “Next year I’d like to beat my Warren Hill time of 34:12 for all the races I do.” Basically I’m chatting absolute crumbus! With cross country it really shouldn’t be done on time which can factor massively on the conditions.

To compare the races. Last year I got a time of 37:33 but a position of 75th, but this time of 38:28, but a position of 40th which means a lot more points for the club.

So that’s it! It’s been another great season and although we didn’t win, as Lewes did a Man City smashed everyone, in a way I’ve preffereed term to last.

2017-18 East Sussex Cross Country League Stats:

12/10/17 Warren Hill – Pos: 113th Time: 35:30 Points: 105

17/12/17 New Place Farm – Pos: 62nd Time: 37:00 Points: 145

14/01/18 BlackCap Lewes – Pos: 146th Time: 44:26 Points: 90

18/02/18 Heathfield Park – Pos: 70th Time: 40:12 Points: 140

11/03/18 Pett – Pos: 40th Time: 38:28 Points: 166

East Sussex Cross Country League Table:

1. Lewes AC

2. Crowborough/Wadhurst Runners

3. Halisham Harriers

4. Hastings AC

4. Hastings Runners

6. Polegate Plodders/Run Wednesdays/Seaford Striders

7. Heathfield/Uckfield

8. Eastbourne Rovers

9. Bexhill Runners and Triathletes

10. Meads Runners

11. Arena 80

12. Brighton Tri Club