Position: 34th Time: 21:35

I would like to put it out there that the south-east coast is the sunniest part of the UK.

This morning it must have been at least 15 degrees, which leaves me questioning to why I wore a long sleeved shirt!

In terms of the actual race today I really wasn’t at it. It wasn’t anything in particular, I just felt tired even in the earlier stages of the race.

It could be down to a lack of sleep, or the first proper week of training, I’m really not sure.

What I can say though is I always have this weird dream before parkruns where I get there late or its just started.

Anyway, like I said it was a hot day and looking at the results, a lot of people seemed to have slowed down from their previous attempts.

I think the thing with running is consistency. Put the work in over a set schedule over a period of about a month and you’ll get where you wanna be.

And I don’t think I’ve found any real consistency this year. My Achilles injury set me back for pretty much the whole of April, and going back before that, January was a dodgy month too with a couple of niggles.

But y’know what. I’ve been here before, I understand more about stretching, how to build up miles etc. May can still be a good month!

Last May, I got a similar time on a Parkrun, then did a sub-20 training 5K the next week.

Onwards and upwards, Hastings 5 mile next Sunday, revision is going okay, and Villa still have a chance of going up. What’s there to complain about!