It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about running, in fact my last parkrun was nearly three months ago. Reading it back, I’m complaining about the heat, so not really much has changed. As of now where I look out the window and still see the sun frying the small patch of grass (now mostly orange) in my garden!

So what have I done in terms of running since Hastings five mile? Not much really. I went to training sporadically until the start of June but only managed to complete the last speed session fully due to tight calves.

Then I came back home for summer, did a couple of sessions but on a 10K I knew something was up, as it was so much harder than it should’ve been. After some speed work on a local cricket pitch (a decent place to do it if you don’t have access to a track) I was like ‘that’s it I need to check out my asthma’.

Long story short it got pretty bad and I had to up the inhalers and medication, then again I think because of the heat lots of other people have been struggling with asthma too. I had the same kind of problem late September/October last year so I knew it was a case of riding it out. Don’t get me wrong, I still did everything I wanted to do in terms of going out, seeing mates, working and watching the World Cup, it just meant running and sport in general had to take a backseat.

Last week I managed to get some smaller runs in, then last weekend I went to Port Eynon camping with friends and family and ran in the mornings along the coasts as well as playing football in the afternoon and getting well burnt.

And taking it up to today, I did speed work this morning. The dreaded 8 x 400 metres and although my times were slower I managed to get them consistent which is what matters.

Anyway the plan for the rest of the week is back training with San Domenico tomorrow (10K club run), then parkrun Saturday, long run Sunday and speed work Monday/Tuesday. parkrun will be interesting just to see where I’m at, then I’ll set my target for Cardiff 10K from that.