Position: 67th Time: 21:34

It was a tough run today no doubt. Not the time I wanted but overall I finally feel like I’m getting in to a routine building up to Cardiff 10K.

I was going to do Parkrun last Saturday, but after having to stop training Thursday then struggling with the old asthma, it was never going to happen.

However this week was progressive in terms of mileage and just staying away from problems. Tuesday after a heavy night out I managed a 10K around the usual route, Wednesday I did a shorter faster run just to see if running at a better pace would trigger my asthma, and it didn’t.

Like it’s weird. Tuesday morning I was struggling after a very decent night out, luckily I didn’t have work. But then the 10K was the best I’d done in a while, probably had a lot of calories to burn to be fair!

Then last Thursday I was back training with San Domenico, and granted I had to stop a couple of times, but a 12000 metres later there weren’t really any chest problems, just tiredness.

So going into this morning it was all good. Next time I’ll probably get up earlier, because I was falling back asleep after waking up at half seven, but the first 1 and 2K were fine. Then going back through the forest I slowed down quite a bit, but for a first Parkrun in three months and a first Cardiff Parkun in forever, I don’t think getting two minutes off my PB is too bad.

Anyway, the plan for this week is a long run tomorrow, then the usual 10K on Thursday. Tuesday will be either speed work or a 4K depending how I feel. On Saturday I’m in Lyme Regis so hopefully this time next week I’ll be writing having just ran Seaton Parkrun for the first time. I’ve got to get some pics obviously!

In terms of my Cardiff 10K goal, I’ve decided that although there is still time to recoup a bit of fitness, matching last years 42:41 might be a step too far. I think I’d be happy with anything under 45.