Position: 12th Time: 20:51

Another parkrun ticked off on the list, and probably not one many people have heard of.

This week I’m on holiday in Lyme Regis, so we checked out the closest parkrun and luckily Seaton parkrun was only ten minutes in the car.

Anyway, the course, which was on the seafront ala Hastings, started on the pebble beach. For the first time in a while I tried a sprint start. Running over pebbles isn’t easy, I’ll tell you that much, and it wasn’t going to be the last I saw of them either.

As I got onto the concrete path this shorter guy flew past me. Looking at the results from last week, the winner got a time of 16:32, so I thought it could’ve been him.

There was a turning at Yacht Club at about 1.5k where we had to run on pebbles for another 100 metres, we did the loop twice so it probably knocked a bit off my time.

I liked the fact that we ran up and down the seafront four times, it allowed you to break up the race in smaller chunks rather than one long path.

I dropped my pace towards the middle but managed to pick it up again for the finishing kilometre.

I’m not sure why but I always seem to speed up after a turning, luckily for me there were a lot of them on the course, as well as volunteers who were great as usual.

In terms of my time, it’s an improvement on last week which is what I was expecting now I’m starting to train regularly again. All there is to do now is find some long run routes for the mornings here in Dorest and I’ll be pretty much sorted.

In other news, apparently my aunt saw Robbie Williams walking down by the beach earlier; a man who’s met Lawrence McKenna. What a claim to fame!