What a fight! KSI vs Logan Paul went the distance and ended up in a draw, setting things up nicely for the rematch in the US which will probably be next year.

As for the fight being scripted, that’s unlikely because the tiredness, blood, pain was all real. On the other hand, I think the judges might’ve been more inclined to be even with the scoring knowing there was going to be a rematch.

The undercards progressively got better in entertainment. To kick us off Halal Ham fought Jrezzy Jeremy. The former, who used to do boxing when he was younger, quite literally went ham with his punches and deservedly won on points. Then it was Momo against RossiHD. Momo probably annoyed a lot of people with his ‘Flossing’ and ‘Milly Rocking’, but it worked because Mr ‘I’m from the jungle bro’ won on points and went viral as well.

Next up it was the controversial JMX who had the height, weight and reach advantage on his opponent Coach Richards. JMX used his reach very well and had clearly improved his punching technique from the coaching of Viddal Riley, and after knocking Coach Richard down in second and third round, he was always going to win.

The fourth fight of the day pitted Faze Sensei against PJ ‘Overtflow’ Brittain. Overtflow came out to Keemstars ‘Dollar in the Woods’ with Keem himself behind him throwing dollars. A GIF worthy moment. The bout started off evenly but when Overtflow floored Faze with a spear tackle, he became the villain. This angered Sensei who threw multiple left hooks to the stomach, earning the MMA fighter a win by TKO.

After that Scarce faced RackaRacka. Scarce, didn’t look comfortable at all walking out or during the introductions while RackaRacka did. A reason for this could be that RackaRacka’s channel is centred around him and his brother while Scarce’s is reporting on what other people are doing. It was the Aussie RackaRacka who started on the front foot, and from then on, he didn’t give Scarce a moment, winning by TKO. Fair play to Scarce though, who didn’t go down despite taking some heavy blows and lost over 100lbs in the last half dozen months in the lead up to the fight.

Then we had animpressive kick up performance from Daniel Cutting with some terrible music. I can’t really describe how bad it was, other than its on par with the sound when you open the kitchen cupboard and all the pans fall out.

Jay Swingler and AniEsonGib was the best fight of ‘the rest’. As shown from his YouTube channel TGF, Jay can take a lot of pain while AniEsonGib is very much a kamikaze fighter. A close up on Jays ‘f*** Jake Paul tattoo certainly got the crowd going in the build-up.

Gib ran the first round without answer. The guy looked good on the last undercard, and it was more of the same. However, in the second round Jay would answer with a hook every now and again. At one point it exploded into mindless swinging. If any fight was going to end in a knockout, surely it was this one! Again, in the third round it looked as if one fighter was going to get in the crucial punch. Cheers of TGF could be heard from the crowd, but it wasn’t enough as Gib scraped the win on points. The Viddal Riley effect again. In the post-fight interview, Gib called out Joe Weller who responded by screaming ‘Its Ooooon!’ right up to his face. It promises to be an entertaining fight, but Weller must take Gib, a strong opponent, seriously or he could get found out.

Bugzy Malone then came in and sung two tracks from his new album B.Inspired, which set the mood for the penultimate fight; Deji vs Jake Paul. Meanwhile a few rows in front of us, a very vocal Paul fan, about 18, was standing up singing the latest diss tracks from the brothers of Ohio. Other tribulations on this guy include falling down two rows of seats, nearly having a fight with a man in his mid-thirties and beefing with a young kid with a KSI bandana on. How he didn’t get kicked out I don’t know, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

A quick note on Michael Buffer who would introduce the fighters from now on, a legend of boxing.

Onto the fight, and Deji defied expectations to start with. His bloodying of Jakes nose was the catalyst for the crowd to start shouting his name if the majority weren’t on his side already. Like the KSI Weller fight, looking at the YouTubers ringside was almost as entertaining as watching the main event.

It’s crazy how much Deji has improved over the last few months. He held off Jake well and at end of round three and nearly connected with a heavy right hook. This was the same guy who ducked down and swung aimlessly whilst sparring Calfreezy in the spring. Fitness really came into round four with both fighters tiring, but Deji more so. And that was the crucial factor because in round five Deji’s camp had no option but to throw in the towel. It was the right thing to do.

What wasn’t the right thing to do was shout out your clothing brand in the post-fight interview, but that’s what Jake did to the boos of the crowd.

Now it was the main event. Logan Paul vs KSI. Logan had the upper hand in the first two rounds, taking advantage of his superior reach a la JMX with a bit of showboating added in. All his punches in those early rounds were calculated and most were successful. Looking back at the footage, there was a lot of talking between the two in-between punches. Who knows what was said?

After the round two bell, KSI cheekily clipped Logan which riled the latter’s brother, Jake, up so much jumped into the ring and had to be escorted off by security. We had to wait until round three for KSI to start connecting with his swings, but this was where the fight opened up. The man from London was still dodging punches like he did in the first round too.

Logan came back in round five with a flurry of punches, but as the bout went in he looked increasingly shattered. In round six technique and guards seemed to go out the window, KSI landed with some heavy blows late on and if the fight were a couple more rounds he would’ve taken the win. Either way, neither camp was happy with the outcome and although KSI edged it, a draw was a fair result.

Obviously during an event like this, the likelihood of seeing some of your favourite YouTubers is high, and even more so because our hotel was two minutes away from the Manchester arena. After we grabbed some food and were walking back to Travelodge Manchester Central Arena we saw Joe Weller and Laurence McKenna who were being followed by about 20 people. It wasn’t the right time to ask for a photo. However, it definitely was when we spotted Miniminter and his girlfriend under the bridge. In situations like this you only get one chance, so allow me looking like I’ve seen a ghost! Soon after we walked past Zerkaa, Randolph and their girlfriends, but I think we both agreed getting a photo with them would be biting off more than we can chew. In other words, being a bloody pest!

Another YouTube event, another great experience, next stop the US!