Position: 460th Time: 45:09

Cardiff 10K 2018 done and I’m knackered. It’s a great event though, as always, with thousands of pounds raised for people with kidney diseases.

Well done to Dewi Griffiths too who won it for the second year in a row.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been pretty unlucky with injuries and asthma this summer. And to top it off on Monday I got the knickerbockers (a chest cough and runny nose) and had to miss training this week.

I would’ve skipped my long run today anyway to allow for more recovery, but the fact it’s Cardiff 10K means it can’t be missed.

The route changed this year, and went past Cardiff Castle as well as on the path opposite the Millennium Stadium. Oh and the Swalec. Landmarks, check.

For the first kilometres I was cruising and I thought I might even be able to take on last years time of 42:41. Every K was around 4:20. However the last two were 4:46 and 4:38, a combination of tiredness, illness and lack of training this week probably kicked in there in terms of not keeping the kilometres consistent.

I can’t think of a race where I’ve ever checked my watch so much too, going through Pontcanna fields I was looking down every 300 metres or so.

Then on the the home straight I managed to overtake the sub-45 minute guy, but still my time was over that which I don’t really get.

Anyway, enough complaining because it was a sunny/mild day unlike last year so the race village was in full swing.

The supporting was amazing too. Pretty much on every road there were people cheering you on and at the top of Pontcanna fields there was even a car blasting out music for extra motivation.

I think with racing, if you do an event twice and get a better time first time off, then you’re always going to remember the first event more fondly.

In 2017 it felt like the summer was building up to Cardiff 10K and everything was new in terms of running. 10 milers, meeting everyone at my local club, plus training seemed to fall into place.

This summer I’ve found it a bit harder because of the asthma which meant I couldn’t start running until the end of July, then getting ill days before was a bit of a kick in the teeth.

But then again, after completing the 10K in 2017, with the rain pouring down, I just thought “what else is there to do now. I’ve achieved what i wanted to achieve.” Then I stopped running for a while.

Anyway, there’s none of that this year. I do need to start racing before cross country season starts, so there’s definitely something to aim for.