Position: 22nd Time: 20:08

Looking back at the results I’m actually a butt (<valleys joke (sorry)) annoyed that I didn’t push during the last 500 metres, because I could’ve easily done a sub-20.

Anyway, it was another tourism Parkrun today up at Ponty. The course, which goes around Ynysangharad park, is one small lap (around 600 metres) followed by three large laps. Previous experiences of Ynysangharad park include getting snapped while playing football.

Pontypridd is quite a popular Parkrun is South Wales. It’s in good location for one; only about twenty minutes drive from North Cardiff and easily accessible for those runners from the valleys.

At the briefing, the organiser announced it was the annual ‘Pride’ parkrun, before saying how everyone is welcome at Pontypridd parkrun whatever background they come from and so on. Obviously this goes without saying but it was a really nice touch.

Race breifings are normally just the standard keep to the right and stuff, but a positive message like today really does give a lasting impression.

It was wet day which was quite a nice change from my training this week; Tuesdays and Thursdays runs took place on mild and humid evenings.

At one point I was coming up to this drain and I thought ‘Right i’m gonna slip here.’ Luckily I didn’t but it was a real heart in mouth moment.

My pace was fluctuating a lot during the race, it was weird because I seemed to speed up on the uphill bits and slow down on the downhill. At about 2K it was dropping really quickly and I thought I’d have to stop but I managed to wrestle it back.

I went hard on Thursday in the club training 10K so maybe that’s why I struggled to get that consistency. Or maybe it was the ‘Five Guys’ I had the night before, not sure.

And now onto my time; 20:08. At Cardiff Parkrun I’d be buzzing with that, but on my watch today it only said I’d run 4.8 kilometres.

When I do Parkrun or any race I always try and take the inside with the corners but I never cut any because it’s just cheating yourself if you do that.

To sum things up, time: happy. Pacing: okay. I probably should get more sleep next week for better performance as well.