Position: 19th Time: 20:22

Pre run fuelling, something that I still haven’t mastered yet. And today was a good example.

This morning I was back at Pontypridd Parkrun for my last Welsh Parkrun in a while. It being pacer day swayed my decision to pick Ponty over Cardiff.

I felt like I had some unfinished business after a time of 20:08 last week. I was now familiar with the course too, so I knew the third big lap of Ynysangharad Park (about 1.2 km), was the one I had to nail.

The good thing about running with the pacer is I could just make sure he was in my sights, rather than looking at my watch every minute which is what I did last time.

Another good thing with the pacer is he/she will stop you going off too fast, something I think I’ve done in about 90% of all races.

Anyway, one small lap and two big laps down and I was doing well. Some people say that the 2-4K mark is the hardest point in a 5K, but I find that it easier than the 0-2K mark because it’s when you’re in the flow of it.

But despite sticking with the 20 minute pacer, the three middle K’s were over 4 minutes 10. It was shaping up to be an all or nothing final kilometre.

And I picked thing up, finishing with a 3 minute 44 final K. Unfortunately I lost the pacer going up an incline next to the football pitch with about 800 metres to go. Time: 20:22

I was waiting around after and saw the 27 minute pacer yelling for people to get to the finish. Cue two male runners powering in to overtake him at the line. A classic parkrun moment which is mirrored up and down the country on a Saturday morning.

If you’ve been read these blogs before, you’ll know I’m a man for excuses! But still, my stomach did feel dodgy which was probably from the two pieces of brown toast I had this morning.

Even when I was running back, I still felt sick, and I’ve had that same feeling before.

When I did my 19:47 back in December, I woke up at 6:30 and had porridge. The con of that is waking up at half 6, but to get better times it will certainly be worth it!