Position: 18th Time: 19:54

And there it is, my fastest parkrun time this year! Two weeks ago my blog was centred around how I need to have porridge instead of toast in the morning. In a way, I think I convinced myself that the toast was holding me back as an excuse, but I didn’t have that sickly feeling and felt stronger for it.

This week I’ve been thinking about parkrun a lot, almost to the point of being obsessive over it. Year on year I want to see progress with my running and it began to feel like time was slipping away in 2018. The thing about parkrun is if you do it and you’re not happy with how you’ve run, that’s it for a week. It’s a fairly quick turnaround but at the same time it can feel like forever.

As I was back in Hastings this week it was back to training with Hastings AC. My last “summer” run with San Domenico was the Thursday 10K in the pouring Welsh rain. I went out that night, then decided on Friday I’d missed too much sleep to wake up early to do parkrun that Saturday.

Bringing it forward to this Thursday now, and walking up St Helen’s road to the track, my legs ached like mad. Luckily we did a bit of a shortened hills session that evening so although I felt knackered at the end, it wasn’t overkill.

Anyway, the start line today was packed and I couldn’t get to the front, meaning there was a bit of overtaking for me to do to find some space to run at my pace (accidental poet).

I didn’t have that horrible just got out of bed in the morning feeling at the start, I think the mild conditions did help today with my run. All of the first three kilometres were four minutes or under. My coach Pete giving me praise while cycling alongside us on his bike certainly helped.

In contrast to my last few parkruns, I wasn’t looking at my watch that much. The first race I did at Pontypridd three weeks ago I was looking at my watch more than looking up where I was going. Something that probably cost me a good few seconds that day.

Going over the top part of the promenade I felt my pace dip a bit and managed to pick it up thanks to a guy in blue in front of me who was running more evenly. All the while he was shouting encouragement to runners coming the other way and seemed to know at quite a few people. My fourth kilometre came in at 4:05 minutes, meaning I had to pick it up for the fifth and final one.

And as I came down to the part where the upper and lower promenade join I picked it up slightly. I heard the shout of “Harry, PB!” from Pete and looking back I might’ve made it had I started my sprint earlier, but for now I’m happy with the 19:54. To get picky, that’s 19:54 for 5.02 kilometres, but 19:49 for 5 kilometres. Ah y’know what who cares, I’m happy with how i did nonetheless!

I’ve literally just had a look on Facebook, and next week is Hastings Seafront 10K. I haven’t entered yet, but I think after today I might do just that.