Position: 9th Time: 41:19

A 10K PB and a 9th placed finish, not bad if you ask me. 2018 has been pretty average in terms of running for me. However, in the last two months or so I’ve managed to kick on, up the training and now I’m starting to get the benefits.

Talking of disasters, I had one this morning. My alarm went off at 6:30 but for some reason I turned it off. When I did wake up again it was 8:30. There was no time to make porridge, it was just half a slice of bread and then a ten minute run to the race HQ to register. It really was a race to the starting line!

In a way this was a blessing in disguise because there was no time for the pre race nerves. Also, I think waking up and seeing the time naturally gave me a bit of energy. There was no moping around in the morning like I usually do.

The race itself was quite a small one and after about 300 metres there was a breakaway group of about 15 of us.

Going into it I just wanted to beat my 10K PB of 42:41 which I set at Cardiff 10K in 2017. However, with the course being flat and in a straight line and the conditions being decent (albeit it was a bit windy) I thought to myself; “Why can’t I aim higher than 42:40?”

The main thing I found today is I didn’t really ache at all, it felt like it was the first time I had run in a week.

Every now and then I would have a look down at my watch, if my pace was dropping below about 4:15 per kilometre I would speed it up a bit.

There was a guy in front of me who was wearing some kind of flip flop shoe hybrid. A lot of the time you can tell what type of runner someone is by looking at them, and this guy had almost certainly done “Tough Mudder” and other challenges which demand a high pain threshold.

For me the hardest parts of a 10K are the 6th and 7th kilometre. Get through that and you can start to asses the time you’ll end up with. Nevertheless, going past the five mile mark my time was 32:54, more than 2:30 minutes faster than my Hastings Five Mile time that I did back in May, showed that I was on track.

In the last 200 metres I did get overtaken by two runners, so maybe I could’ve added more to the finish, but overall I’m happy with how the race went.

It’s a weird one really, because it started so soon after I’d woken up, I didnt have time to process the event and what had happened until I got back to the house.

Anyway, next week it’s the start of the cross country season, and we’re at Snape Wood, a course I’ve never done before. It sounds like something out of Harry Potter, although a Harry Potter themed cross country race wouldn’t be something I’d be averse to! Until next week!