Position: 66th Time: 37:15

Snape Wood (no relation to Harry Potter) was a tough introduction to the 2018/19 season, it was one of those runs which I’ll look back on and I’ll think “decent” to quote Spencer Owen.

This week I was gunned down by the dreaded freshers flu. It’s one of those things you know is always going to get you, it’s just a case of when. So this week I just did a five mile club run on Monday and a five mile on Friday which served as a fitness test for the XC. The three days inbetween consisted of a lot of watched the TV series “Spaced” with Simon Pegg.

It was a bit of a journey getting to Snape Wood which is in Wadhurst. A place which borders Kent and East Sussex. The course was two laps and hilly (obviously!)

Bit of a fact for you here; Davina McCall lives in Wadhurst. Talking of McCall, when I was younger I though Big Brother was the name of the northern guy who does the voiceover. Turns out his real name is Marcus Bentley. (Editing Haza: Really don’t know where I was going with this!)

Anyway, I started near the front, but the first 800 metres were uphill so I got picked off by quite a few people.

We began on a gradual hill, which on a course you haven’t done before is a real mental test because you don’t know when it’s going to end! Needless to say the first two miles felt like 20.

However, for those first two miles I was within the top 30, but at the halfway point I knew I was going to drop down a bit. It felt like I went up some hills about four times. For example, that gradual hill at the start felt like it kept reappearing, and I had to stop and walk briefly in what I think was the second time I went up it. I think.

Luckily it was a dry day, so getting over the woodland surface wasn’t too knackering. I’m sure that any sort of rain the previous day and I would’ve finished the race absolutely caked in mud.

It felt like someone turned the temperature up for last two miles, with the sun really beating down. This one definitely fell into the category of “sweaty races”. There being someone from my club right behind me did make me push a bit more at the end though.

Overall, I expected to finish a bit higher, but at the same time I’m glad I recovered enough from the dreaded freshers flu to be able to make it to the start.

Anyway, here’s the table complete with points (I’m still not really sure how the points system works but what i do know is the less points you have the better);

East Sussex XC Table (5/14)

1. Lewes AC – 1073

2. Wadhurst Runners – 1260

3. Hastings AC – 1399

4. Crowborough – 1479

5. Halisham Harriers – 1568