Position: 12th Time: 19:28

A lovely PB to round off October, and one I felt I didn’t have to strain too much to get either.

You may have notice that I missed out a race blog last weekend. Well, on Saturday I was at Camber Sands with Hastings AC for a morning of, you guessed it, running on the sands!

The session mostly consisted of running up and down sand dunes, it was a nice morning even though my feet felt like leather (and still do) from the barefoot running.

In training this week I’ve kinda been on autopilot. Tuesdays session flew by then Thursday’s hills were hard as always, but I’ve run up Parkstone Road so many times in the last month that I know when to go for it and when to hold back.

It was the first chilly Saturday this morning, one where you could see your breath. However, it wasn’t too windy which was good.

It was a strong field of runners, with two county level athletes at the front, one of which has run for England. So naturally, as my coach predicted, the starting pack went off with them while I held back a bit.

My first kilometre was at 3:42, so I didn’t pace myself perfectly either though.

Still, I managed to pick a few people off then through the underpass I upped the levels a bit again.

At halfway my time was 9:30, I surprised myself a bit with this time.

For the second half of the race I ran alongside this guy in a blue shirt, always good to run with someone I find rather than looking down at your watch to tell you if your pace is consistent.

I knew if I just held on I could do that sub 19:30.

And that I did, just! Minus a sprint finish though.

Anyway, like I said, a nice way to round off October, a month where I’ve done both a 10K and 5K pb!