Position: 45th Time: 39:42

East Sussex XC 2018-19 number two done, and a much more successful race than last time I was at Blackcap in Lewes.

Overall it was quite a slow race, and I think the conditions didn’t help people who were wearing flat running shoes. Choosing spikes was definitely a good decision on my part.

Last weekend I didn’t do parkrun, instead I went for a chill run which was about the same distance. Then yesterday (November 10th) I volunteered and saw Great Britain international Adam Clarke race an insanely fast time of 14:39.

Anyway, onto today, and we had a bit of a depleted team, with both the Poppy Run and the Sussex XC taking place yesterday.

Talking of poppys, we had a two minute silence at 11 to pay our respects to the fallen.

I held back a bit at the start which takes you from a residential area to Blackcap countryside.

Its one of those things where if you just draw in you’re ego a bit and hang back, you’ll benefit in the long term.

Back in Hastings last night there was torrential rain and it seemed like it was the same in Lewes too, I nearly lost my balance a couple of times on the mud. At one point toward to finish I hit a particularly muddy patch and slid a couple of metres. A heart in mouth moment!

Last year I really struggled on the course, so much so that I ended up getting injured, but this year the hills felt a lot easier and I felt lighter in my spikes.

I even managed to get a decent sprint finish in at the end as the temperature got increasingly hotter. You can probably tell from the picture which was taken with about 300 metres left.

Forget time, placing and team points, it was just enjoyable. We had five of us going up in the car to the Lewes and to use a phrase which probably should be left in 2015, the banter was flowing. I know it’s a while yet, but I am going to miss the Hastings lot once I leave university.

*Table yet to come out so I’ll post it here when it does.